Fujitsu Teleworks for All Employees

Post date: Mar 2, 2017 4:55:59 AM

일본의 후지츠가 3만5천명 전 직원을 대상으로 4월부터 재택근무를 도입한다고. 상사의 허락을 받으면 무제한으로. 과감한 도입이 놀라움.


Fujitsu Teleworks for All Employees Teleworking System from April

2017/2/28 11: 00 Nihon Keizai Shimbun Electronic

Fujitsu Limited On April 28, he announced that it will introduce a "teleworking system" that allows employees to work using IT (information technology) outside their offices, such as at home, in April. It covers 35,000 people in the main body. You can use it as many times as long as your boss has permission. It was the largest introduction in the country, and reforms of workers have spread further among companies.

It will be introduced on April 21. Ensure that all employees of the main body such as sales, system engineers, management department, etc. can use the information system and communication means outside the company as well as inside the company. As a result of trial for a total of 1,400 people for 2 years, productivity was improved and safety confirmation was obtained, so we decided to introduce it formally.

Reduce the burden on employees by saving time for commuting and traveling. Employees who have time constraints due to childcare or nursing care become more likely to work if they are used in conjunction with the flextime system that allows them to choose their starting and end times. It connects to excellent employees' stalemation and recruitment.

The number of companies that recognize telework is increasing in industry. Last year, Microsoft Microsoft changed its teleworking work permitted up to 3 days a week to a system that allows you to work for up to 5 days a week regardless of location. Approximately 2,400 regular employees including development subsidiaries are eligible. Calbee is planning to abolish the maximum number of days of the telework system that was up to 2 days a week from April.

Fujitsu regards the spread of telework as a business opportunity. It is an idea to make use of the teleworking achievements in-house, and to utilize it for external sales of IT systems leading to reforms of workers.