Strategic Human Resources Management

인적자원관리 (Strategic Human Resource Management)

경영대학 경영학과(글로벌경영학트랙)

Class hours: Monday 9:30am-12:15pm

Class location: 가천관-719

Office hours: by appointment

Class Textbook

Personnel Economics in Practice (2nd edition)

Chapter PPT


Ch. 1 채용기준의 설정 Hiring Standards

Ch. 2 채용 Recruitment

Ch. 3 숙련투자 Investment in Skills

Ch. 4 이직관리 Managing Turnover

Ch. 5 의사 결정 Decision Making

Ch. 6 조직 구조 Organizational Structure

Ch. 7 직무 설계 Job Design

Ch. 8 발전된 직무설계 Advanced Job Design

Ch. 9 성과평과 Performance Evaluation

Ch. 10 성과에 대한 보상 Rewarding Performance

Ch. 11 경력 기반 상여급 Career Based Incentive

Ch. 12 옵션과 경영진에 대한 보수 Options and Executive Pay

Ch. 13 복지 Benefits

Ch. 14 창업가 정신과 사내기업가 정신 Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

Ch. 15 고용관계 Employment Relationship


Midterm Exam

Multiple choice questions and short responses. Open book, open notes.

Final Exam

1) Essay:

Essay topic: What have you "learned" from this class?

Due: Last day of class via email. No late submissions, but I accept early submissions.

Details: Individual essay.

Length: Not too short, not too long.

Language: English

Hint from me: Hello class. I am interested in learning what you've "learned" from this class. Extra points given for detailing personal examples, and future plans incorporating what you learned from this class. No credit given for rewriting the textbook or rephrasing the lecture notes. Why not? Because I already know what I taught you. I am more interested in learning what you've "learned." Thank you.

2) Multiple choice questions: final exam study guide


Participation grade

Student Questions - Korean

Student Questions - English

Group Projects

3/13 My dream company

3/20 좋은 학생들을 가천대에 들어오게 하는 방법

3/27 10% 봉급 상승과 3년 후 복직이 가능하다면 우리은행에서 K뱅크로 이직하겠는가?

4/13 D-Match 스타트업 인재 매칭 프로젝트

5/01 IBM Global CEO study

5/22 Letter to President