For many reasons - all of them boiling down to dollars - it's time for me to say goodbye to my Mercedes. Right now it's running perfectly, nothing needs to be done, and if I keep it and drive it, something will break. If I keep it and don't drive it, something will break. Either way, keeping it is a recipe for either a lower selling price, or a maintenance cost I can't afford.  I've debated offering it for sale here, and I'm still conflicted about that. If it was bought by someone I "know", I'd want to know what was happening. If I found out it was wrecked, or anything else that caused it to be scrapped and sold for parts, I'd have to curse the buyer for the careless, cheap-ass bastard he would be, and hate him till the end of my days in the same stroke ensure that I never, ever hear anything about it in the future. It's much better thinking my car was taken to a continent with wide roads, no speed limits, and open-access race tracks, to roll its stately way down the Autobahn as it was intended, forever and ever.  Kind of like that dog your parents took out to live on a farm when you were a kid.

Body: 107.044 – Roadster for North American market

Engine: M117.985 – Naturally aspirated with California smog equipment

Engine Displacement: 4.5 liters (4492 cc)

Fuel Type: Unleaded

Fuel Management: Bosch K Jetronic

Transmission: 3 speed automatic

Colors: British Red exterior/Palamino interior/Black soft top


Automatic Climate Control * Power windows * Central door and trunk locks * Power antenna * Passenger side mirror * Factory alloy (bundt style) wheels in Astral Silver

Modifications from factory spec:

Zebrano wood  * * 4 x 100 watt amplifier in trunk * 6x9 speakers added to rear parcel shelf * Factory radio replaced with Continental/VDO head unit 

This car was originally sold in Southern California, near Los Angeles. It was sold with California emissions controls, and all of them are still in place and still functional. It has an EGR valve, catalytic converter, and AIR pump. This equipment allows it to pass California's strict emissions requirements, and it has never failed an emissions inspection. With so many years spent in the desert, the car has never had rust anywhere.

I have invested over USD$15,000 in restoring this car. I knew I would never see the money out of it, but it was a labor of love. It is currently in perfect running condition. Unfortunately, my stage in life has changed and I can no longer wish to maintain it. Rather than allow it to slowly deteriorate, I would prefer to sell it to someone who can maintain it and keep it in the current condition. I have all receipts for items purchased by me, and several years of receipts from previous owners. They will accompany the car.  

It has new carpet, new upholstery, new German canvas top, newly rebuilt transmission, full suspension rebuild with all new rubber and Bilstein shocks, new brake pads, new interior wood. The paint job was a full restoration, with the car completely stripped, and all new gaskets and seals installed during assembly. After three attempts to keep the automatic climate control stock, at a significant expense, I gave up and plugged the unreliable ACCII climate control servo and amplifier. Air conditioning work more reliably;. The AC system has been converted to R134 refrigerant. I also have the windscreen that will be included. If you have never driven a 107 with the windscreen, you're in for a treat. While offering all the open air freedom of a convertible, the incredible 107 heating system will also keep you comfortable. 

It hurts me to see this car go; I have invested several years of blood, sweat and labor in this car, and I still love it. But I know it would hurt me more to see anything happen to it that I couldn't afford to have fixed, and see it reduced to sitting in the garage collecting dust or, worse, sold for almost nothing as a non-working vehicle and then broken up and sold for parts. I have many pictures of the car. Please e-mail me for more information. 


Mercedes-Benz R107 SL Comparison Chart     Top Speed

Model   Years    # Built  Engine     HP/Torque  Trans      mph/kmh
380SL  1980-1985  53,200  3818cc V8  218/224 4 Speed Auto  134/216
450SL  1971-1980  66,300  4520cc V8  225/279 3 Speed Auto  134/216

Clean title

254k Miles and will go another 250k because it can

3 speed Automatic transmission

All power windows locks soft top and mirrors work perfect

AC working perfect Heater not connected

Car is in good shape inside and out

No accidents

No issues

No Mechanical problems of any kind

No check engine lights of any kind

Very clean car inside and out

All maintenance is up to date

Tags and registration are up to date

Passed smog ready for new owner

Please only contact me if you are ready to buy

Please no offers over the phone

Not interested in trades

Price is firm $12,000

Market Value:

Mercedes-Benz 450SL Specifications

Years of Manufacture:   1980 (last year made)
Number Built: 1 of 5,583
Chassis/Body: Unit frame and body
Exterior Dimensions:

Total Length: 4380mm
Total Width: 1790mm
Height at Curb Weight: 1300mm
Wheelbase: 2460mm
Front Track: 1452mm
Rear Track: 1440mm

Curb Weight:  1585kg
Fuel Tank: 90 liters
Turning Circle:  10.2 metres

Transmission (Automatic, 3 Speed):450SL

1st: 2.31:1
2nd: 1.46:1
3rd: 1.00:1

Rear Axle Ratio:  3.46:1
Engine Speed at 60mph: 2865 rpm
0-60 mph:  9.3 seconds (approx)
Maximum Speed:   127 mph (205 km/h)
Engine 8 Cylinder M 117:

Capacity: 4520cc 275.8ci
Type: Conventional, water cooled four stroke, reciprocating piston type with
8 cylinders in V8 configuration
Configuration: Front mounted, longitudinal, inline
Head: Pushrod and rocker actuated ohv, overhead camshaft
Fuel System: Bosch electronic
Bore and Stroke: 92mm x 85mm (3.62 x 3.35 inch)
Power: 225 hp (DIN) @ 5000rpm (250hp SAE @ 5800)
Torque: 38.5 mkg @ 3000rpm (278.5 ft/lb)
Compression Ratio: 8:1
Ignition and Electrical: 12 volt  Coil and alternator
Exhaust:  Single tail-pipe
Suspension:  Independent front and rear, double wishbones, diagonal-pivot swing axle
Steering:  Recirculating ball, servo assisted, ratio: 15.9:1 (3.0 turns)
Brakes:  Front: Vented Disc, 278mm (10.9 inch)
Rear: Solid Disc, 279mm (11.0 inch)
Wheels:  14" Pressed steel disc wheels or optional alloy
Tires:  205/70 VR 14