Lemans blue 2004 Corvette C5. 5.7 liter LS1 V-8. 4-speed automatic transmission.

No engine/transmission modifications which is super rare in Corvetteville. Everything is stock. Car has been well maintained. Garaged and regularly waxed. Has smokey Targa top. HUD is functional. Brand new air filter. Recent smog. Hood clear coat damaged so PlastiDip repainted. Other panels are immaculate. You can see the before and after photos. Overall presentation is very good. The car pulls strong down the road and driving is fun. Includes two sets of keys, and owner's manual. It’s actually a great fun car. I love its go-anywhere V8 power which still gets near 30mpg.


This car low from the factory. It is enormously annoying to drive up my drive way. Must negotiate all dips at an angle and slow down to crawling speed to keep from scraping the front air dam.


Front air dam (twice)

remote oil sensor unit (you're welcome)

expansion tank

new seat upholstery