Since you clicked on my ad, you seem cool.  Let me introduce you to Elmo.  Elmo is a badass MF'er.  Elmo is a firey red creature.  It is pristine because I took care of it like it was my own car, wait, it was my own car.   I methodically serviced all systems (electrical, fuel, cooling, brakes, chassis, tires, and transmission) one by one; Elmos is a bimmer so the reality is reality and that is that.  

Technically, it is a 325ci (coupe) with M3 components for good looks.  This means you can tell your friends you bought an M3 tribute.   Depends on how you wanna do the math, it's a cool car.  Lights, sounds, and mechanics all work just fine -- when he honks, Chuck Norris farts.   A vast majority of his miles were done on the highway -- he's been to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia National Park, and of course, Anza Borrego and Joshua Tree National Park.  All maintenance is up to date:  Water pump, timing belt, thermostat, pulleys, belts, oil pan gasket, engine mounts, transmission mounts, oil filter housing gasket, fan clutch, tensioner, idler pulley, AC belt, crankcase vent valve, and breather hoses, valve cover gasket, VANOS rebuild, camshaft and crankshft sensors.  New clutch job and new starter were installed.  No subframe issues cuz it's 02 and it's 2.5 liter.  2.5 liter means this puppy gets 25mpg in the city when the gas prices don't seem to be dropping.  Yes, you can fill your gas tank and still have leftover money for some TACOS!   I will give my attention to serious buyers; who will take the time to come see the car THEN make an offer based on their personal assessment of the car.  If you ask for stupid codes or mention that you saw an ad for a non-op for sale for less, I will let you think that I know a guy who knows some people who know some stuff.  If you're lucky, and I like you, I'll sell you this car.  I will assume you are educated and will leave it up to you to guess if Elmo is still available while the ad is still up. I'm asking $10,000 firm for this bad boy.  


2002 BMW 325ci coupe

5-Speed manual transmission

CA clean title (pink slip in my name)

202k freeway miles and climbing.  Daily driven.

Drives great 

Oil changed every 5k miles. 

No accidents 

Over $10,000 in add-ons are included in the price!!

M3 hood - super lightweight aluminum with power bulge ($1,300)

M3 front bumper ($300)

M3 staggered rims and tires ($1,500) 

Quick Shift ($100)

Clear corner lenses ($200)

K&N cold air intake ($400) 

New upholstery ($1,200)

New paint ($2,000)

Android headset ($300)

Koni shocks ($1,200)

Android head unit ($300)