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I am a visiting professor at college of IT convergence at Gachon University, Korea. I am on a special assignment to research the core technology segments of AI/ML, IoT enable smart farming, and Big Data.

Human-Electronics Interaction is a phenomenon which describes how human beings interact with electronic devices to meet their needs, and how human depend and adapt to this interaction. The interaction generates data; click, no-click, view, no-view, active, passive, start, stop, balk, take photo, talk, listen... These data can be analyzed in three broad categories;

    • numerical data (statistical analysis)
    • image data (still and video image)
    • natural language processing (text) and chatbot (sound)

Data in everyone’s hands can mean digitally connected democratic world. Data in the right hands can mean Innovation. Data can increase revenue, reduce waste, and correct fraud.

The success of location-mobility companies are well known. Google's search engine, Apple's iPhone, Airbnb, Skype, Uber, facebook, WeWork, etc. address the need of nomads who want to move around in the world in the most efficient manner.

The success of time-mobility companies are up and coming too. The data can assist us to move around in time. The financial industry has been using DATA with great success since its inception. The options and futures are created to hedge for the future uncertainty, and correct forecasting using the statistical analysis of past data is a fundamental norm; knowing the future by seeing the past yield unimaginable profit.

Data used in personal life is just as useful. Age-friendly technologies can preserve our past and brighten up our future. Not exactly a time machine yet, but will be close. Time-mobility companies will be the next unicorns.

Memory enhancement exercise (game) and Alzheimer's Disease patient chatbot (NLP) can preserve the patients' dignity, enhance caregivers' quality of life, and reduce society's burden. Judicial mix of Biotech, Healthcare, Life Science technology can give us a glimpse into future so we can make healthier choices.

The quality of life will have enhanced greatly when we can say, "I can remember my past clearly, and see my future confidently". The problems deriving from future uncertainty, i.e. fear, anxiety, social inequality, financial troubles, healthcare cost, etc... will be eliminated.

I founded, a sports vision analytic system used in referee arbitration in sport of Judo. Judocare is used in elite national and international point tournaments in 72 countries in continents of Asia, Europe, N.America, S.America, Africa and Australia. I hope to attract and retain more athletes, coaches, spectators, and sponsors to judo through this innovation.

As an inventor of microsiphon, I co-founded, a sustainable agricultural innovation company. The technology used is Internet of Things which includes robotics, sensors and advanced manufacturing to reduce water waste and increase production yield. In this self-sustaining system, fish provide nutrients from their waste products and beneficial bacteria break down the harmful chemical, and water is reclaimed back to the tank.

The advancement of IoT enabled life will be data-centric. The volume of data generated, captured, transmitted, and analysed require

A robust IoT echo system (smart farm, smart city, smart campus, etc.) will require 5G connectivity. The volume of IoT generated data will require advancement in Cloud / Big Data technology (Google/Apache). And there will be efforts to blockchain them all. A new economy based on convergent technologies of IoT + 5G + Big Data + Blockchain will emerge. It may resemble less human-based governance yet bigger-brother world. Based on pareto distribution, power and wealth will be centralized to lucky few rather than distributed.

자기 소개서

산업 경력은 1990년 철저한 성과 평과제와 함께 능력 따라 대우를 받을 수 있는 곳이라고 알려져 있는 미국 금융계 스타트업 컨트리와이드에 입사했습니다. MBS 시장 예측 알고리즘을 만들어 채권 하루 거래량을 $500 Million 까지 올리는 비약적인 발전을 이루어낸바 있습니다. 컨트리와이드는 미국 1위 MBS 트레이딩회사로 성장 후 $4 Billion (4.7조원)에 뱅크오브아메리카에 인수 합병됐습니다.

1998년 미국 IBM 서울지점 및 센프란시스코지점에서 일하면서 글로벌 컨설팅 실전 경험을 쌓은 후 미국 실리콘밸리 스타트업 피플소프트에 입사해 인사 자원 소프트웨어 회사로 시작된 피플소프트를 글로벌 IT 회사로 발전시켰습니다. 사내 소프트웨어 대학을 맞춤 구축하여 새로 시작한 컨설팅부서를 3,000명 이상의 수익 부서로 키우는 비약적인 발전을 이루었습니다. 피플소프트는 미국 1위 ERP 회사로 성장 후 그 당시 실리콘밸리의 최고 거래 액인 $10 Billion (12조원)에 오라클에 인수 합병됐습니다.

2005년 AppliedERP 스타트업에서 초대 사장을 역임한 후, 2015년에는 사회적인 스타트업에 투자하는 비영리 PeopleSpace 인큐베이터를 시작해 멤버벤처기업들의 기술 경영을 총괄했고 대한민국 미래창조과학부 소프트웨어 중심대학생들과 경기창조경제혁신센터 스타트업들을 미국으로 초청하는 연수프로그램도 진행했습니다.

미국 USC에서 컴퓨터를 공부했고 서울대학교 경영대학원에서 인사/조직을 공부했습니다. 연구는 미국 USC, 독일 WHU Beisheim, 한국 SNU 에서 특별연구생으로 경험을 쌓았습니다. 현재는 가천대학교 IT융합대학에서 재직중입니다.

산업체 경력: Corporate Positions

  • PeopleSpace, CTO
  • AppliedERP, Managing Director
  • PeopleSoft, Director
  • IBM, Research Associate

교육경력: School Positions

  • 가천 대학교 Gachon University, Visiting Professor
  • 서울 대학교 Seoul National University, Fellow
  • 남가주 대학교 University of Southern California, Research Assistant

Contact Information

I am open to new adventures. If you are interested in working with me I can be reached at;