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I am open to new adventures and opportunities. I am a silicone valley IT executive turned entrepreneur; father of two and a dog, judo guy, and street foodie, and classic car restorer. Expertise in venture finance, strategic HR, and computer. I like Judo and restoring cars.

Industry Experience

  • CTO, PS AI Lab

  • CEO, AppliedERP

  • Director, PeopleSoft

  • Researcher, IBM

Research Experience

  • Visiting Professor, Gachon University

  • Research Associate, University of Southern California

  • Research Fellow, Seoul National University

Judo Experience

  • Head instructor at Irvine Judo Club

  • Assistant instructor at Bunasawa-kai

  • International referee and coach at USA Judo

501(c)(3) Volunteer Experience

  • Board Member at High School, Inc.

  • Board member at USA Judo Foundation

  • Board member at PeopleSpace, Inc.

  • Deacon at Youngnak Presbyterian Church

DANTMAN experience

Dantman is short for Dan The Man. It was my hacker handle. It was 80's, and IBM PC had just come out and I bought one; 8 bit 8088 microprocessor, 64K motherboard memory upgraded to 256K memory with 10 Megabyte Maynard hard drive. I memorized "The Peter Norton Programmer's Guide to the IBM PC", the only book in the world on PC at that time. The world was simpler back then. Combining my computer, finance and math skills, I worked as a quantitative jock at a mortgage bank. I wrote black box algorithm to forecast the market movement, and traded Mortgage Backed Securities. It grew to be the largest mortgage bank. This company was sold for $4 Billion. For an encore, I joined a silicon valley dotcom. I led a group of kick-ass geek commandos who developed a global enterprise upgrade path simply known as Y2K fix. It grew to be the largest ERP software company. This company was sold for $10 Billion. I taught Venture Finance, Strategic HR at a business school and IT at computer science department. But now, I teach Judo. The big part of my life involves around Judo. Judo is one of those things I enjoy doing, and I've done it for a long time. I am the head instructor at Irvine Judo Club. I also founded Judocare.com, one of the world's largest providers of video analytic system used in referee arbitration. Judocare is used in elite national and international point tournaments in over 60 countries in every continent. In my spare time, I restore cars. I am a car enthusiast, and no corners are cut in maintaining the cars. I rescue 'unloved by previous owner' cars, and I methodically service all systems (electrical, fuel, cooling, brakes, chassis, tires, and transmission) one by one, returning them to their former glory days. I don't own these cars, they own me. A bit obsessed with keeping them clean and neat and running and tuned. These cars can be daily driven. They are smogged, registered and insured.

Thanks for visiting dantman.com. I wish I can tell you that my road to entrepreneurship is easy and glorious and finished. The short answer is no. So I march on; ite inflammate omnia ; Go Forth and Set The World Alight.