People, Planet, Profit and Future

I am a visiting professor at Gachon University, software-centric-college in Korea. I have 20+ years of business leadership in building up technology companies in the USA and Korea.

Current projects of dantman 댄더맨

I co-founded PeopleSpace, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit to help social entrepreneurs solve real world big problems. PeopleSpace is a purpose-driven, future-oriented community of altruistic techies and tech enthusiasts who share a common love of creating wonderful things to help those around them.

My research interest is in human-electronics interaction and its beneficial effect on people, planet, profit and future. Human-Electronics Interaction is a phenomenon which describes how human beings interact with electronic devices to meet their needs, and how human depend and adapt to this interaction. Data Science techniques are used to make the data collection, data clean up, data analysis, and data collaboration with Robotics, Sensors and Advanced Manufacturing team.

As an inventor of fail-safe microsiphon V2, I co-founded, a sustainable agricultural innovation company making use of robotics, sensors and advanced manufacturing. It uses machine learning and data science to achieve reduced water waste and higher production yield . In this self-sustaining system, fish provide nutrients from their waste products and beneficial bacteria break down the harmful chemical, and water is reclaimed back to the tank. The sensors monitor and collect data and proper nutrients are auto-replenished.

As an International Judo coach, I co-founded, a video analytic system used in referee arbitration in sport of Judo. Judocare is used in elite national and international point tournaments in 72 countries in continents of Asia, Europe, N.America, S.America, Africa and Australia. Through this improvement, I hope to attract and retain more athletes, coaches, spectators, and sponsors to judo.

자기 소개서

1990년대 금융계/컨설팅은 철저한 성과제로 똑똑하고 사교성이 높은 사람들이 모여 능력따라 무한대 보너스를 받을수 있는곳이라고 알려져 있어서 미국 금융계 스타트업 컨트리와이드 펀딩에 입사했습니다. 1992년부터 헤징데스크 MBS 트레이더로서 시장예측 알고리즘를 개발해 채권 하루거래양을 $500 Million 까지 올리는 비약적인 발전을 이루어낸바 있습니다. 컴퓨터 전문적 지식이 더 필요하다는 판단으로 미국 USC에서 MBA information technology 석사학위를 취득했고 미국 USC, 독일 WHU Beisheim, 서울대학교 경영대학원에서 특별연구생으로 경험을 쌓았습니다. 컨트리와이드는 MBS 채권 분야에서 미국 1위 회사로 성장후 $4 Billion에 벵크오브어메리카에 인수합병 됐습니다. 컨설팅은 1997년 미국 IBM Consulting Group 서울지점 및 센프란시스코지점에서 일하면서 국제 IT 컨설팅 실전 경험을 쌓았습니다. 이후 미국 실리콘밸리 스타트업 피플소프트에 입사해 ERP 소프트웨어 회사로 시작된 피플소프트를 글로벌 IT 컨설팅회사로 발전시켰습니다. 새로 시작된 컨설팅부서를 3,000명까지 키우는 비약적인 발전을 이루었습니다. 피플소프트는 미국 1위 ERP 회사로 성장후 $10 Billion에 오라클에 인수합병 됐습니다. 2005년 Applied ERP 스타트업을 시작해 초대사장을 역임한 후, 2015년부터 피플스페이스 인큐베이터 벤처사업의 기술경영을 총괄하였습니다. 현재는 가천대학교 소프트웨어 중심대학 산학협력초빙교수로 재직 중입니다.

산업체 경력: Corporate Positions

  • PeopleSpace, CTO
  • AppliedERP, CEO
  • PeopleSoft, Director
  • IBM, Research Associate
  • Countrywide, Bond Trader

교육경력: School Positions

  • 가천대학교 Gachon University, Visiting Professor
  • 서울 대학교 Seoul National University, Fellow
  • 남가주 대학교 University of Southern California, Research Assistant

기술경력: Technical Skills

Enterprise Resource Planning: SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle • C++ / VB / c# / Python / php • TCP/IP • Internet Architecture • Enterprise Application • Cloud • SaaS / PaaS • Virtualization • e-Business • PeopleCode • PeopleTools • Peoplesoft modules HR, Financials, E&G • SAP R/3 ABAP • IBM DB2 • Oracle 9i • Oracle PL/SQL • ANSI SQL • Microsoft SQL Server • Microsoft IIS • Vantive CRM • SQL • SQR • SQA • OLAP/MDA • Data warehousing • LAMP stack • HTML5/css3 • Open source • 3D vision tracking • Processing • Arduino sensors • 3D Printing • Machine Learning • Data science •Big Data

경영경력: Functional Skills

Large Organization Management • Large P&L Management • Global Operations • Global Sales • Revenue generation • Cost cutting • Corporate Finance • Venture Finance• Accounting • Strategic Planning • Global Project Management • Financial Analysis • New Business Development • Marketing and Sales Management • Client Acquisition & Retention • Logistics & Supply Chain management • Strategic Partnerships • Contract Negotiations • Team Building & Recruitment • Merger & Acquisition • VC • Start-up / Entrepreneur advisement

Contact Information

I am open to new adventures. If you are interested in working with me I can be reached at;