People, Planet, Profit

I am a visiting principal researcher at Gachon college of IT convergence, Korea. I am on a special assignment to dramatically improve development in a broad spectrum of core technology segments - AI machine learning, 5G, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, Time-Mobility, IoT enabled smart farming and more.

Current projects of dantman

Human-Electronics Interaction is a phenomenon which describes how human beings interact with electronic devices to meet their needs, and how human depend and adapt to this interaction. Age-friendly technologies can preserve our past and brighten up our future. Not exactly a time machine yet, but will be close. Time-mobility companies will be the next unicorns.

Memory enhancement exercise (game) and Alzheimer's Disease patient chatbot (NLP) can preserve the patients' dignity, enhance caregivers' quality of life, and reduce society's burden. Judicial mix of Biotech, Healthcare, Life Science technology can give us a glimpse into future so we can make healthier choices.

The quality of life will have enhanced greatly when we can say, "I can remember my past clearly, and see my future confidently". The problems deriving from future uncertainty, i.e. fear, anxiety, social inequality, financial troubles, healthcare cost, etc... will be eliminated.

As an International Judo coach, I founded, a sports vision analytic system used in referee arbitration in sport of Judo. Judocare is used in elite national and international point tournaments in 72 countries in continents of Asia, Europe, N.America, S.America, Africa and Australia. I hope to attract and retain more athletes, coaches, spectators, and sponsors to judo through this innovation.

As an inventor of microsiphon, I co-founded, a sustainable agricultural innovation company. The technology used is Internet of Things which includes robotics, sensors and advanced manufacturing to reduce water waste and increase production yield. In this self-sustaining system, fish provide nutrients from their waste products and beneficial bacteria break down the harmful chemical, and water is reclaimed back to the tank.

The advancement of IoT enabled life will be data-centric. The volume of data generated, captured, transmitted, and analysed require

A robust IoT echo system (smart farm, smart city, smart campus, etc.) will require 5G connectivity. The volume of IoT generated data will require advancement in Cloud / Big Data technology (Google/Apache). And there will be efforts to blockchain them all. A new economy based on convergent technologies of IoT + 5G + Big Data + Blockchain will emerge. It may resemble less human-based governance yet bigger-brother world. Based on pareto distribution, power and wealth will be centralized to lucky few rather than distributed.

산업체 경력: Corporate Positions

  • PeopleSpace, CTO
  • AppliedERP, Managing Director
  • PeopleSoft, Director
  • IBM, Research Associate

교육경력: School Positions

  • 가천 대학교 Gachon University, Visiting Principal Researcher
  • 서울 대학교 Seoul National University, Fellow
  • 남가주 대학교 University of Southern California, Research Assistant

기술경력: Technical Skills

Enterprise Resource Planning: SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle • C++ / VB / c# / Python / php • TCP/IP • Internet Architecture • Enterprise Application • Cloud • SaaS • Virtualization • e-Business • PeopleCode • PeopleTools • Peoplesoft modules HR, Financials, E&G • SAP R/3 ABAP • IBM DB2 • Oracle PL/SQL • ANSI SQL • Microsoft SQL Server • Microsoft IIS • CRM • SQL • SQR • SQA • OLAP • Data warehousing • LAMP stack • HTML5/css3 • Open source • 3D vision tracking • Processing • Arduino sensors • 3D Printing • Machine Learning

경영경력: Functional Skills

Large Organization Management • Large P&L Management • Global Operations • Global Sales • Revenue generation • Cost cutting • Corporate Finance • Venture Finance• Accounting • Strategic Planning • Global Project Management • Financial Analysis • New Business Development • Marketing and Sales Management • Client Acquisition & Retention • Strategic Partnerships • Contract Negotiations • Team Building & Recruitment • Merger & Acquisition • VC • Start-up / Entrepreneur advisement

Contact Information

I am open to new adventures. If you are interested in working with me I can be reached at;