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Venture Finance

Startup and Venture Finance

Week 1 (9/6): Do or Do Not; There is no try part 1
Week 2 (9/13)  Do or Do Not; There is no try part 2
Week 3 (9/20): Something Ventured Part 1
Week 4 (9/27): Venture deals Chapter 1-3  Seungnam City Hackathon preparation
Week 5 (10/4): Venture deals Chapter 4-6  Smartcity Hackathon preparation
Week 6 (10/11): Venture deals Chapter 7-9
Week 7: (10/18): Why Europeans Came to Dominate the World  Europe vs. rest of the world (Asia, Africa) 
Week 8: (10/25): SME vs Mid vs Multinational  Speaker: James Kim (President of Wolverine Korea) 
Week 9: (11/1):  Venture deals Chapter 10-12  Sun Industrial trip 
Week 10: (11/8): Something Ventured Part 2  In-class summary paper (Prof. Daniel is in Switzerland)
Week 11: (11/15): Venture deals Chapter 11-14 
Week 12: (11/22): Art of Start up 
Week 13: (11/29): The lean startup
Week 14: (12/06): $100 Startup
Week 15: (12/13): Pretotype It 
Week 16: End of semester

Bonus material (optional):

Secrets behind Korea's economic development

Field trips:
Sun Industrial - Meet a Korean entrepreneur of a $400 Million revenue factory
Campus Seoul -  Meet the Korean startups at Google's Campus Seoul incubator
Pangyo Technovalley: Meet software based startups 
Dosan park: Meet the father of modern Korean educator

Recommended Books:

Class group project :
Localized global incubator business plan 

5 monkeys, bananas and ladder: We've always done it this way

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