posted 1 Mar 2017, 22:34 by Daniel Lee


Idea FindOneGoodProductIdea()
        Idea candidatesIdea = null;    //do I have a candidate idea? if not keep going.
        while (true)
        candidateIdea = new Idea();   //I am in a creative stage. BUT get ready to switch to analytical stage
        if ( candidateIdea.IsGood() )   //Now I am in a analytical stage.  Was switching from creative to analytical fun for you?  By the way no chance to compare between ideas. conjoin analysis
    return candidateIdea;

Idea FindGoodProductIdea()
        ArrayList candidateList = BrainstormLotsofIdeas();
        return ChooseTheBestIdea(candidateList);

#include <You_Need_Competition.h>
#include <debt_or_equity.h>

Build a list of ideas (creative stage)
Think about problems, Not technologies.  If your only tool is a hammer, you will see everything as a nail
Think about your other interests 

software is written to solve one industry problem (vertical; less sexy, less known so greater opportunities)
software works across all industries (horizontal; sexy, more known so less opportunities)
Get good education, but not too much; PhD = narrow and deep
Get good input, but not too much; it's your baby
Remora fish
Mistakes:    A lot of business go out of business because of their own stupid mistake
Ping Pong: Big slam is nice but you can win without being fancy  No high risk/high reward necessary
Golf: Big swing at tee off is nice, but you can win at putting.  Watch first how other's ball rolls
Football: Big touchdown is nice, but it's a yard by yard strategy game.
Judo: Big throw is nice, but it's a grip by grip strategy game